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Cactus Coatings® is your source for the finest sublimation mugs available anywhere. Cactus Coatings® was one of the early pioneers in the sublimation mug industry. From the very beginning Cactus Coatings® has focused on high quality, high yielding sublimation mugs, highly durable sublimation mugs, as well as making sublimation mugs that are easy to use. Cactus Coatings® sublimation mugs are exclusively manufactured at the high quality M-Ware™ ceramic mug factory. All of Cactus Coatings® sublimation mugs are designed to maximize your imprint area. Our sublimation products feature our exclusive line of sublimation coatings. The Cactus Coating® is a true hard coating with unsurpassed durability. The coating is designed to hold your images. When combined with our super white sublimation mugs you achieve deep, rich, vibrant color reproductions.

Cactus Coatings® not only offers high quality sublimation mugs, we offer a complete sublimation process. Our recommended sublimation process combines our Cactus Coatings® sublimation mugs with our Cactus Wraps™. Our wrap system offers a very low cost entry into the sublimation market. When the Cactus Wraps™ are used in conjunction with our sublimation mugs you have the most consistent, highest yielding, most flexible and most economical way of producing sublimation mugs.

Look to Cactus Coatings® for all your sublimation drink ware needs. The Cactus Coatings® sublimation line feature ceramic sublimation mugs, colored sublimation mugs, two tone sublimation mugs, sublimation funnel cups, sublimation travel mugs, matte sublimation mugs as well as sublimation glassware and sublimation tiles. Cactus Coatings® also offers full time technical support to assist you with using our sublimation products.

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